Emily C. (University Professor)

After practicing various kinds of yoga off and on for about ten years, I have found “home” in the Ashtanga yoga practice under the guidance of Jessica and her staff.  This is a practice and a studio for all, from rank beginners without a developed muscle in their bodies to advanced yogis seeking to deepen their practice. I was well past 50 and not terribly fit when I began practicing at this studio about two years ago: this is not just yoga for the young and athletic.  It is a process, a journey, one that can ground you and take you beyond yourself at the same time, if you let it do its work.


Suzanne M. (Psychotherapist)

Practicing Ashtanga yoga at Balance Yoga and Wellness has introduced me to a philosophy that has transformed my life.  Six months of practice has restored my health, promoted physical strength, and created a newfound internal peace which I never obtained from other forms of physical exercise or spritual pursuits. Under the compassionate, encouraging guidance from teachers who embrace balanced living and a commitment to the practice of Ashtanga yoga, I am learning how to make lifestyle changes that allow me to approach each day with vitality and oprtimism.

I highly recommend not only the yoga classes, but also her Pranayama series, specialized breathing exercises, which complement and deepen your practice.  I also have benefited from her Ayurveda consultations, which address dietary issues and encourage positive lifestyle changes.  Jessica is highly trained in both of these disciplines.


Jaren. P. (Lead Oboe Player, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra)

Studying with Jessica Blanchard at Balance Yoga and Wellness, I have not only become more knowledgeable about Ashtanga yoga, but I have begun to develop a practice of my own as well as a healthier lifestyle which includes yoga, diet, and meditation.  With the support of Jessica and the studio I have come to incorporate yoga as a daily practice in my life.  It has had a tremendously positive impact on my mood, productivity, energy level and personal and professional relationships.  I love going to the studio to practice yoga and pranayama because the space is beautiful and calming and the people are friendly and supportive. I have taken advantage of mysore style classes, led classes, pranayama classes, private consultations, and guest instruction all of which are offered at the studio.


Eric N. (World Traveler)

This yoga studio is great.  I’ve taken yoga at several schools around the city, and this is one of the best.  The teachers are skilled and talented, and the studio itself is beautiful.  The students are also impressive and inspiring.

About the teachers: there are several teachers at the studio, and each has his/her own strengths.  They are always attentive and love to help you deeper into the poses.  All of them love what they do.  It really shows.  And they love to encourage the students to practice practice practice.  There is a very friendly touch to the school.  The teachers all remember your name.