Jessica Blanchard teaching Pranayama

Jessica Blanchard teaching Pranayama

5 Week Pranayama & Meditation Series with Jessica
This series will be a combination of breath work (Pranayama), cleansing techniques (kriyas) and meditation techniques.  We will also incorporate gentle yoga postures to open the chest and encourage deep breathing.  Each week a different meditation technique will be explored.   This will be combined with general discussion of lifestyle choices to increase happiness and contentment.

Next 5 Week Series Wednesdays 6-7:15pm
April 25 – May 23rd
Cost: $55 if booked by April 22nd, $60 otherwise, Balance Class cards can be used for this series.  Book now!


Just in time for Jazzfest!  Beginners Yoga Series

Keep your mind and body healthy this springtime with yoga!  Next series starting soon.  Loosen up those hips for Jazzfest and the other NOLA fests.

Ashtanga & Therapeutics Series – April 30 – June 4
Mondays 5:30-7pm taught by Jessica Blanchard 

When practiced intelligently, Ashtanga gently coaxes stiff parts of the body to open while encouraging weak areas to strengthen.  Learn specific therapeutic postures which balancing out the hips, pelvis and shoulders.  Ashtanga is detoxifying and therapeutic.  Series includes a handout to support a home practice.
Cost: $55 if booked by April 23rd, $60 otherwise, Balance Class cards can be used for this series. Book now!

Anusara Beginners Series – April 30 – June 4
Mondays 7:30 – 8:45pm taught by Laura Flora
The affirming philosophy and precise alignment of Anusara combined with a fun sense of community offer the possibility for deep transformation. This series is perfect for the beginning practitioner or for anyone who wants a systematic introduction to this system of yoga.  Book now!

Mindfully Gentle Series – May 2 – June 6
Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30pm taught by Amy Archinal

In this series the emphasis is on yoga and meditation for stress relief.  Learn to move mindfully into postures and accept and welcome all feelings that arise.  You will learn to love your spine and your breath.  Gentle and accessible for all beginners.  Book now!

Cost:  Early bird $66 if booked by 4/23, $72 otherwise.  Balance class cards can be used for these series.