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Find your Balanced Healthy Path

Do you frequently feel stressed, fatigued, bloated and you don’t know why? You want to change your diet and lifestyle to improve your energy —but you’re not sure how to sift through the wellness advice to get started. 

Navigating the web of wellness information online is like trying to find your way out of a cave without a map or guide. You find yourself lost, confused and overwhelmed.

It’s easy to spend time and money on the wrong things — supplements you don’t need or the wrong diet. Extra motivation and a knowledgeable guide will help you get the momentum you need to find your healthy path. 

That's where I can help.

What is functional nutrition?

As a functional nutritionist and medical student, I consider every aspect of your health, diet and lifestyle when making recommendations. I look at how your "systems" are functioning -- especially focusing on the integration of your mind and body. My strategy is to look at the big picture of your overall health, and help you to restore your body's optimal physiological functioning.

In functional nutrition, symptoms are clues to the cause of your problems. They may be related to your diet, lifestyle, medications, or stress. While standard healthcare tends to suppress the problems, functional nutrition looks to uncover and fix the root cause. 

Because we are all unique, functional nutrition takes an individualized approach to healing. 

Together, we'll figure this out

We’ll uncover the root cause of your challenges. I excel at finding simple ways for my clients overcome their health obstacles. I know how busy everyone is, and how frustrating it is to spend time on quick fixes that don’t work. 

Based on your unique situation, I put together a comprehensive health plan that fits your needs. 

Everyone deserves the chance to live their best life. And often the solution to your woes isn’t a prescription or an expensive supplement. Most often the solution lies in lifelong changes to your diet and lifestyle. These simple changes bring you closer to your nature and work for your unique metabolism and health history.

Ready to Find Your Balanced Healthy Path? 

Yoga Photo, Jessica Blanchard Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Jessica Blanchard, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Registered Dietitian. I'm currently a medical student at LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans, Class of 2024. 

I use a combination of yoga, ayurveda and functional nutrition to find simple solutions for my clients. I’m on the path to becoming a medical doctor, because I want to help people to heal. I believe that many doctors don’t put enough emphasis on the things we do every day -- like diet, lifestyle, and sleeping habits.

My unique method bridges the gap between practices like meditation, yoga, and ayurveda and traditional western medicine.

Find Your Balanced Healthy Path 

Currently I'm offering one time sessions only (while I'm in medical school). Typically I schedule clients every couple months. Please email me to learn more about my availability. If you would like to get started with changes immediately, check out my Balanced Healthy Path online course. I walk you through the four pillars of health to get you onto your PATH. Learn more on my online website here

Please use the "Get Started Now" button or this link to book a session. You'll be taken to my Practice Better online portal where you can see my calendar. After you've booked, I'll send you a form to fill out before we meet. I ask that you pay in full before the session. Thank you!


My daughter invited me to make an appointment with Jessica Blanchard, after learning I  was having tremendous stomach and digestive issues due to my diet. After Jessica tweaked my diet to accommodate my constitution and prescribed some herbs, my stomach healed completely and my acid reflux medicine was no longer needed. The Ayurvedic principals of health and living have changed both my daughter's life and my own. Jessica's gentle manner and incredible knowledge have endeared her to us.

Jodi Dunnick Voice and music teacher, New Orleans

Let's Work Towards Your Biggest Health Dreams Together

For most people, being slimmer and fitter is nice, but there are deeper reasons for getting healthy. How about living a longer, healthier life with your children? Maybe you know you’ll be better at your job when you increase your energy and focus. You get to define what health means for you.

And when you’re empowered because you know you’re on the right path, nothing will stop you from making the changes you crave.

Photo of Jessica Blanchard, RD Your Balanced Healthy Path

You're ready for a session if you're

  • Sick and tired of being told by your doctor that "nothing is wrong"
  • Frustrated because the diets you tried didn't work
  • Confused by the overwhelming amount of health "advice" online
  • Ready to make changes that last for a lifetime 


I started working with Jessica to address specific health issues, and ultimately, to obtain balance and start developing preventative tools, which included exercise, yoga, and nutrition. Jessica has always been incredibly knowledgeable, creative, gentle, and kind, and has helped me learn myself more and how to continue to practice compassion in all aspects of my life.  She will remain my go-to for natural balance through Ayurveda and nutrition.

Emily McWilliams, New Orleans, LA

I am currently in medical school and seeing clients on visit-to visit basis rather than coaching. Please email me to set up an appointment, or book directly to my client portal here.
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