If you are curious, intimidated, or simply intrigued by Ashtanga Yoga, we hope that these videos will help you out.  Many want to know more about Ashtanga before taking a class.  We have developed these short videos to help you out.

Introduction to Mysore Style

In this video, Balance co-owner Jessica Blanchard talks to you about Mysore style ashanga while you can see what a typical class looks like.

When you come to Mysore-Style Ashtanga Class, here is how you start

Sun Salutation A

In this instructional video, Jessica narrates while Meredith demonstrates Sun Salutation A. You will start with five repetitions of Sun Salutation A.

Sun Salutation B

Next you will learn Sun Salutation B and repeat it 3-5 times. The Sun Salutations build all-over body strength, flexibility, endurance and increase breathing capacity.

After the Sun Salutations, you will start to learn the standing postures with the teacher. Each pose opens the body and prepares it for the next one. Although this style is different from others, and might seem intimidating, it has an amazing capacity to transform the body and mind.

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