Black, Indigenous and People of Color YTT Scholarship

BIPOC Scholarship

At Balance Yoga and Wellness we believe in the power of our local culture and community. We recognize that structural and institutional racism exists in the throughout our society. This filters down to the yoga, fitness, and wellness community. We believe representation matters, and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) are under-represented in the yoga community, especially as yoga teachers. This year we are offering a new initiative to foster better representation of BIPOC in our yoga community, the Equity in Yoga Scholarship Program. While scholarships are not a new offering at Balance, we believe that a BIPOC specific scholarship is a necessary next step toward increasing equity, diversity and inclusivity of our teachers and our training at Balance and beyond. 

FULL scholarship for one individual will be offered for the 2023 Balance Yoga Teacher Training. 

Application Deadline: December 25th, 2022.

This doesn't address every barrier in the yoga community, and we have ongoing work to do to increase accessibility and create equity in yoga. This program is part of our ongoing work. If you have suggestions for barriers that you think we can address in our community, or for ways to reach communities of color to continue our work on inclusivity and breaking barriers, please e-mail us at

Applicants will be notified of acceptance 3 weeks prior to the start of the training program.

If you are interested in helping to help fund the Equity in Yoga Scholarship Program, please e-mail us at Donated funds will go to covering the remaining 50% of a scholarship recipients' costs and/or book costs.

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