Rolfing with Lorraine Fauve

Lorraine Favre

Lorraine is a licensed massage therapist, certified Rolfer, and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. She has over 1600 hours of extensive bodywork and yoga training, and has worked with individuals across four different states, in Virginia Beach, Altanta, Boulder, and New Orleans.  

Lorraine offers rolfing in our upstairs Massage Studio. We are also excited to add her to our yoga schedule this New Year!


Rolfing is a type of manual therapy that combines soft tissue manipulation and movement education to bring the body into alignment.

Today, it’s a cliche to say everything is connected, but in Rolfing we think of the body and mind not just as connected but as one. What makes Rolfing unique, is not only how it addresses the body, but also how it addresses our own perspective and understanding of how our body works. We often find that it is this awareness and agency that is the key to initiating true and lasting change. 

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