Online Yoga Matside Teacher Training for Professional Development

Yoga Matside Teacher Training for Professional Development with AJ Durand (Online)

Summer 2020 • Jun 14-Aug 23 • Sundays 11:30-4:30 $950/$750 before May 1

The Mission

Yoga Matside is a methodology of Individualized Yoga Care guided by ingenuity and the principles behind the Yoga of Relationship. The core value of Yoga Matside is a desire to grant access and agency to people who seek the inherently therapeutic benefits of yoga in a conscious and intelligent way. This training is specifically for teachers who are looking to tailor their programs to a diverse spectrum of students and develop their professional skill set to be more effective educators and contributing members to the development of an equitable and sustainable yoga community in the Western World and in New Orleans.

Key Elements

Teaching Skill Development
Each participant will teach our opening asana practice and participate in a collaborative skill share discussion and workshop. We will refine the teaching principals of a standard hatha/vinyasa class and develop skills working with individuals and special populations of varying perspective and ability.

Research Project
Each participant will conduct research on a special topic such as a common injury or condition, a potential special population, history or phenomena as it relates to our modern application of Yoga in the US and in New Orleans.

Philosophy & Community
Be prepared to engage in difficult conversations and develop skills for listening and adapting to concerns regarding decolonizing yoga, addressing cultural appropriation and fact checking our commonly proselytized misconceptions about yoga and its benefits.

Modified Asana Clinic
This is a unique community offering where you can work hands-on with pre-selected individuals from special populations and engage in thoughtful dialogue to ask questions about their experience. Learn from real people in real time about their real life as it relates to yoga, healing & recovery.

Each participant commits to 20 minutes of Daily Meditation outside of our group meditation during training sessions.


  • Expand your Knowledge of Yoga beyond your own Experience.
  • Identify and Understand Common Injuries & Conditions
  • Optimize Consultation and Develop Skills for Private Instruction
  • Star
    Apply Small Business Marketing Strategies in an Ethical and Authentic Way
  • Star
    Discuss Social Justice and Cultural Appropriation for Equitable Community Standards
  • Star
    Refine your Teaching Skill Set in a Collaborative Environment.
  • Star
    Explore Modifications to optimize the inherently therapeutic benefits of Yoga
  • Star
    Intensively Study the Psoas and Muscles of the Pelvic Floor
  • Star
    Foster a proficient understanding of Fascia as a Body System
  • Acknowledge and Respect Manifestations of Trauma & Grief
  • Learn to apply yoga alignment principles to Differently Able & Aging Populations

Session Schedule

Meets Sundays 

11:30 Trainee Led Practice
12:45 Feedback and Skillshare
1:15 Modified Asana Syllabus
2:15 Lunch
2:45 Topic Discussion
4:15 Meditation

Requirements & Certification

Participants must be present for 8 of the 10 active Sessions, Honor their daily meditation commitments and deliver their research project by the deadline in order to obtain their Yoga Matside Professional Development Certificate of Completion. This certificate is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

AJ Durand, Balance Yoga & Wellness

About the facilitator

AJ Durand (Precious Ephemera) has been a student of Yoga since 2003. He is known most for his sense of humor, playfulness and his genuine enthusiasm while teaching. He creates a casual but focused environment and he encourages you to ask questions, explore new techniques, and work your personal edge. He studied under the tutelage of Quinn Kearney, Claire Mark, Geri Bleier, andTom Quinn at Yogaview in Chicago where he completed 500 hours of Certification. He began his focus for alignment oriented and therapeutic yoga in 2010 inspired by Iyengar Master Teacher, Gabriel Halpern and has since acquired over 900 hours of cumulative study. He leads the YogaMatside™ Teacher Training and founded the Wheel of the Year Workshop.

He’s a cat mom, non-binary burlesque sensation, and a fierce advocate for Queer and Transvisibility. He’s passionate about Interactive Digital Design, Eclectic Paganism, and talking about the precarious state of Modern Yoga in the West.

Ready to take your teaching from cookie cutter to diamond cutter? 
Note: Due to COVID-19 this training is currently being planned online. 

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