Class levels

At Balance Yoga & Wellness you'll find a class that's appropriate to your level of experience.   All our classes are sequenced intelligently to help you best absorb the yoga teachings and to keep you safe while practicing. 

Class levels are meant to guide you to the right class. Depending on the teacher and class type, you'll notice some variability in difficulty of the same class level. 

ALL Levels

Classes that are designed to accommodate mixed levels of practitioners.  Modifications are offered for more advanced postures. Students should have some experience with yoga before coming to all levels classes, because they are focused less on how to do the postures and more on practicing a sequence for a specific goal. 

Level 0 (L0)

The Balance Basics classes or Intro to Yoga Workshop introduce the new students to the basics of yoga, including postures, yogic breathing and basic philosophy. These classes prepare you to attend other classes in the studio. 

ALL Levels: Mysore Style

Mysore-Style Ashtanga is an all levels class, because mixed levels of practitioners work together in the supportive context of our community. In Mysore-style classes students practice at their own pace. The group isn't guided together by the teacher, rather the teacher works with each student individually offering encouragement, instruction and hands-on adjustments.  

Level 1 (L1)

Level 1 classes are designed for the beginning or continuing student who wants to learn more about the fundamentals: postures, breathing and correct alignment. Expect slower flows, more time for instruction and rest between postures. 

Level 2 (L2)

Level 2 classes are designed to push your limit physically, mentally and energetically to foster growth and transformation.  Classes marked “flow” and “vinyasa” will move at a slightly faster pace with the breath.

LEVEL 3 (L3)

Level 3 classes introduce students to more advanced yoga postures and concepts like advanced hip openers, dropping into a backbend from standing position.