Introduction to Yoga Program

New to Yoga? You're in the right place. 

Are you new to yoga? Or ready to re-awaken your yoga practice? In the Introduction to Yoga Program, we offer you a 2-hour yoga workshop and 5 beginners classes within 30 days of your workshop for only $49.

This powerful program is designed to introduce new students to basic techniques of yoga, to increase flexibility and strength, and to create harmony within body and mind. 

In the slower-paced workshop, you'll learn about the yoga terms you've heard but may not understand, like vinyasa. This workshop is designed to give you a strong and confident foundation.  You'll bring this foundation to the five beginners classes that you choose to attend after your workshop. 

The introductory workshop is held on a the first Saturday afternoon of the month for two hours. After that you can attend any five  beginners class at the studio within the month. We offer a variety of classes for new students in different styles.  At the end of the program, you'll be ready to try out the other regularly scheduled classes.

What You'll Learn In the Introduction to Yoga Workshop

intro to yoga program
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    What is yoga and why we practice yoga
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    What the different styles of yoga mean and look like, so you'll get comfortable with Balance classes
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    Basic breathing techniques to calm your mind 
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    Basic warm up postures, threading them together for Sun Salutations
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    Standing postures to cultivate strength and balance
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    Finishing postures to relax and unwind 

Follow up classes

You are free to choose any of the classes on our schedule after the workshop, up to 5 classes within thirty days. We recommend that you start with Level 1 classes, which are meant for newer students and offer the most explanation. Following this program, you'll develop the confidence you need to attend other classes on the schedule. 

Upcoming Introduction to Yoga Workshops