New to yoga?

Great! We're delighted to help you on your path. 
Whether you're looking to get more mental balance, confidence or strength, we're here for you. You don't have to be fit or flexible to get started. You simply need to take the first step, then follow your heart as you find the right classes for you.

Explore Yoga at Balance

We have a special new student offer for your first classes at Balance to help you get started on your journey.


              Balance Introduction Offer
        30 days of yoga 


            (Unlimited yoga for 1 month)

Does not include prenatal yoga, workshops, courses or special events. 

Why start yoga?

At Balance Yoga & Wellness, we believe that health starts from your inside. Much more than a number on a scale, health and happiness come when you've aligned your daily actions with your life's purpose. Yoga will help you to find deep and long-lasting happiness.

  • Improve your sleep
  • Turn of inflammation at a genetic level
  • Feel more confident 
  • Find a happier outlook 
  • Get stronger and fitter
  • Manage stress before it manages you
  • Get a calmer mind and a balanced outlook
  • Find more focus at work
  • Rediscover your authentic self
  • Improve self awareness

Start your journey to balance now.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. 
                                                                                                          ~ Thomas Merton