Queer Yoga & Spiritual Wellness Workshop

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Queer Yoga & Spiritual Wellness Workshop with AJ Durand (Precious Ephemera)
Friday November 8  6:30-8:30 - Donation ($5-15 Suggested)

Imposter Syndrome, Body Dysmorphia, Self-Respect, Survivorship.  
Social Media, Political Policy, Status Anxiety, and Community Wellness.

Queer and Questioning people need Yoga more than ever.

Yoga has a vast and rich philosophical history with a multitude of approaches and disciplines.  

In this two hour gathering, Queer Yoga Instructor & Performance Artist AJ Durand (Precious Ephemera) will discuss the modern history of yoga in the west, ethical approaches to developing a mind-body practice, and community wellness in the storm of social media, election year politics, and the influence of fear on emotional hygiene.  We will strive to collectively develop language informed by Queer experience in place of esoteric and often problematic yoga jargon.  

Light physical practice (all levels of ability, body type, maturity) will prepare the group for mindful observation and self study (simple guided meditation) followed by initial dialogue from the facilitator with allocated space for Community discussion oriented toward strategies for physical, mental and emotional wellness.

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