Breathwork for Stress ManagementPranayama literally means the extension (ayama) of the breath (prana) in Sanskrit.  Through specific preparatory practices and breathing practices, students are taught to extend their breathing cycle which leads to a clear state of mind, strengthened capacity to handle stress, and a general feeling of well being.  Stress is a very real physical phenomena that is now being linked to a number of conditions including heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.  Stress causes the heart rate to increase, the endocrine system to release adrenaline and the blood pressure to rise.    To treat this subtle but very real phenomena, the most powerful tool is the breath, linking our physical body and mental state.

Pranayama can transform when practiced with regularity over a period of time.  Classes at Balance are taught according to the lineage of Swami Kuvalyananda, as passed on to Jessica directly by Sri O.P. Tiwari, one of India’s foremost teachers of Classical Yoga.  From Tiwari, Jessica has learned a gentle, accessible approach that is safe for anyone.  For more information see  New students are encouraged to book the entire eight week series.  For more information contact or call 504.234.9165.

8 Week Pranayama & Meditation Series with Jessica
This series will be a combination of breath work (Pranayama), cleansing techniques (kriyas) and meditation techniques.  We will also incorporate gentle yoga postures to open the chest and encourage deep breathing.  Each week a different meditation technique will be explored.   This will be combined with general discussion of lifestyle choices to increase happiness and contentment.
Wednesdays 6-7:15pm
September 5 – October 17th
Classes are ongoing, drop-ins welcome.  Balance Class cards can be used for this series.

Next series:
November 7 – December 19, 2012

Please email with any questions.