The Art of Intention with Kayla Lemarie

Saturday, August 6th 2-4:30pm

Intention is a powerful tool for self reflection, discovery, and transformation. This workshop explores the metaphysics of co-creation, including the Secret of Desire, the Divine Law of Suggestion, and more, to reveal why intention matters in a co-creative cosmos.

Some questions that will be explored: what is intention and what is it’s role in co-creation? how does co-creation work on an energetic level? what is the source of our desires? how does intention influence how we co-create?

Discover how to effectively use the Art of Intention to generate revelations of understanding about yourself and your desires, you will get more art related info and learn practical tools and meditations for grounding your intention and taking action to manifest it. You can also take a self empowerment online course.

All participants will receive a one-on-one Holistic Coaching Session (60 minutes, $100 value) to assist in applying the material directly to your unique experience. Sessions are included with the price of the workshop, conducted over the phone, private and confidential.

$55 if booked by 7/31, $65 otherwise. Sign up now!

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Kayla LeMaire

yoga bio picKayla LeMaire is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Coach with over seven years experience and concentrated study in Yoga, Kabbalah and Holistic Counseling. A lifelong interest in mysticism and metaphysics, and a love of the empowering, healing forces of Yoga have awakened her to this path. Desiring to work with the unique energy each individual brings forth toward personal empowerment and transformation, she established Yoga of Manifesting in 2014. It is her intention to connect each client with their own innate, inner guidance to awaken within them their God given power to manifest and co-create a nurturing and fulfilling life. She lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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