Ashtanga Yoga Play Workshop with Sean Ambrose

Ashtanga Yoga Play Workshop

Sunday March 6th: 5:45 - 8pm
Riding the Serpentine Currents:

A deep dive into the exploration of prana (inhale) and apana (exhale) vayus (breaths) as they relate from mythology to science & mind to body.

In this workshop, we will chant the opening Ashtanga invocation and then explore the mythology behind the figure Patanjali as an amalgam of serpent and human. This myth offers a dhyana sloka i.e. a proprioceptive embodied meditation template for accessing a deeper level of the inhale and exhale. Patanjali's cobra hood and coiled tail are artistic stylizations for opening the breath and body through in-spirational alignment of prana and apana. In a nondogmatic and playful way we can transpose the serpentine imagery off this myth into the lived experience of our own bodies, expanding the conditioned limits of the body-mind flow. Connecting this nondual tantric psychology with the scientific frame of Interpersonal Neurobiology, we form and integrative method for our Western minds and a felt re-spect for the Eastern traditions.

We open with chanting and story, that leads into description of psychological mappings and embodied techniques, that become subtle breath flows and progress into movements of the Asthagna Vinyasa practice. We workshop this methods into some slowed down sun salutations. From there we dive into a led practice with focused intention of the mythological patterns that can become felt-sense of our own embodied experiences. You can expect playful dialogue, communal presence, lots of space for questions and about a 60-90 minute sequence from the primary series, with some pranayama and meditation at beginning and end.

This workshop is great for anyone exploring the hatha and Ashtanga traditions and want to deepen into both philosophical roots and embodied psychological practices. Any and all body-minds are welcome. Having a grasp of the Ashtanga sequence and felt concepts of bandhas, asanas, and ujjayi breath will be helpful, but not required.

Sunday March 6th from 5:45-8pm

Offering:  Sliding scale $20-40
No student turned away, alternative energies welcome for trade, reach out if need be.

Sean Ambrose, Yoga Teacher

About Sean Ambrose

Hi y'all, my name is Sean, I love humans and our environment, and thus practice towards discerning our beauty, passion, intellect and divinity through yoga. I believe that we are all interconnected through embodiment, and in this relationship, can share healing postures. From asana, meditation, and pranayama to coffee, smiles and skateboarding; it’s about manifesting an authentic, holistic humanity by using creative tools as a means for empathy, compassion, integrity, and respect. With this intention as movement, love and service might become impact. For more information feel free to explore my website and say hi:

My lineage and yoga family: Richard Freeman & Mary TaylorJessica BlanchardAshley HixonTy LandrumTroy Lucero

MA in Psychology, 2021
BA in Theology, 2017

Certifications/ Trainings:

200hr Vinyassa/RYT- 2015
3 year Ashtanga Mentorship 2015-18
60hr Ashtanga Immersion 2018
300hr Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor Ashtanga TT 2018
200hr Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor Teacher Assistant 2019
200hr Yoga-Trauma TT 2019
200hr Ty Landrum Ashtanga Workshops Trainings: Primary and Second Series 2019-2020
300hr Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor Ashtanga TT 2022 (Upcoming)

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