Balancing the Doshas – Ayurveda Basics with Sharon Floyd

4 Week Series – Mondays 7:30-9pm

April 22nd – May 13th 

Series limited to 12 students; Book online now!

It seems there is a new trendy diet or nutritional discovery touted for everything from hangovers to heart disease every week. Overrun with supplements, studies, and options, it’s no wonder that we are confused when it comes to knowing what choices are good for us.

Ayurveda to the rescue!

With its thousands of years worth of observation, the keys to health are very simple in this system of “life knowledge”: a diet of lovingly prepared fresh food is the foundation of a lifetime of health. Add in a few techniques for managing stress and a supportive lifestyle and you have a recipe for optimal wellness.

So how does Ayurveda work?

– Doshas are the entities which manage the functions of the body. When they are in balance, we experience health; when they are out of balance, there is opportunity for disease.

– Learning to recognize the Doshas allows us to observe the interplay of the elements in the ecosystem of the body. This Series will take the mystery out of the Doshas and you will be able to begin observing them right away.

– Ayurveda encourages us towards health with small successes. Making a series of small changes over time is more convenient and comfortable than making a drastic life overhaul.

– Perhaps best of all, Ayurveda endorses tasty, fresh food. Learn about appropriate food combinations to achieve balance and how to properly use spices.

– Each week will focus on one of the 3 Doshas — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha — and methods for balancing each.

– The fourth class in the Series will focus on cooking techniques with some delicious samples!

Come to each class ready to:

  • join in lively discussion about the Doshas
  • take simple quizzes that will help you to identify your balances and imbalances
  • see, taste, and feel spices and foods that will enhance your diet

Anyone interested in improved health and wellness is welcome to join this four week series. No prior experience in Yoga or Ayurveda is necessary.

Minimum of 5 registered students required by April 19. Because each class builds on the previous week’s material, drop-ins will not be accepted for this series.

4 Week Series – April 22nd – May 13th.

Investment: Early Bird $44 if booked before April 19th; $56 after 4/19. Book online now!
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