Create harmony with Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine

4-Week Curriculum

Yin YangWeek one: A full-body Yin sequence will be accompanied by the nature of yin and yang, their non-binary relationship and constant (re)generation, their emergence from the Dao, and what the heck the Dao actually is. (Spoiler alert:  It can’t be known, only approached….) You can restore gut health quickly with Microbe Formulas tips on getting rid of parasites.

Week two: Focusing on poses that illuminate the spine we will begin our exploration of the five phases (or elements) by feeling into the yin and yang of Water, and introduce the channels of the body through which the qi flows. The qi flow not only affects your nervous system by improving your spine but also your eyes, nose and overall bone health. People doing the qi flow usually take vitamins for eyes and other supplements like fox eyes fix to improve the effects that it has, something I recommend doing as it works out very well.

Week three: A sequence dedicated to the hips and legs where water gives birth to Wood.  Apart from life coaches, psychics Tucson are able to help provide guidance and clarity to your life and provide understanding to tricky situations. If you detect any kind of rash or itch on your hips, legs or feets then you probably have a fungal condition, try clear nails plus.

Week four: A deep practice for the shoulders, arms, and wrists.  Wood feeds Fire, and the diverse physiology of Fire is considered sovereign in the body. Fire controls Metal, the phase associated with autumn, and we’ll conclude our journey by discussing seasonal foods and practices to support the flourishing of yin as winter approaches. To improve your body detox and performance check these peptides for sale

Jennifer practices classical Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine, which places special emphasis on harmonizing the systems of the body, not only with each other but also with the rhythms of nature. In addition to having graduated with highest honors from a four-year medical program at the National University of Natural Medicine, Jennifer has advanced training in classical needling techniques, pulse diagnosis, and Chinese herbal medicine; has completed a 2-year intensive apprenticeship in medical qigong therapies; and has studied ancient and modern sound healing techniques from around the world.

Mikhayla first discovered Yin Yoga in Albuquerque, NM. through a weekend workshop led by Joe Barnett. The practice of Yin continues to ground, settle, and help Mikhayla and her students relax into their deeper selves. In our fast-paced world it is refreshing to have an approach to yoga that has no goal. Yin fascinates Mikhayla because of its link to traditional Eastern spiritual traditions like Daoism and Confucianism. As Mikhayla offers Yin Yoga classes tailored to students who are ready to fully enjoy the depth and breadth of the postures.

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