Creating A Morning Sadhana: Hang Onto Your New Year’s Resolution!

Creating a Morning Sadhana  with Chloe Raub

Yoga, Breathing and Wellness

Has this happened to you?

You made a new year’s resolution to fit yoga into your morning…

Then by late January you’re hitting the snooze button, scrambling out the door, and driving to work while scarfing down a piece of toast.

Do you wonder how those so-called “morning people” seem so cheery and relaxed at 9am?

Most of us have trouble waking up early. We may have the best of intentions the night before, but when the alarm goes off, getting out of bed is rough. But if you have a reason to get out of bed, one that aligns with your goals, you’ll find it much more tempting. We always suggest to get a good night sleep of 8 hours to have great energy in the morning. Typically, if you suffer from a sleep disorder it can be for the mattress you are using, air mattresses are a great treatment for this since it they can help reduce pain while sleeping, when using one we recommend to drain the leftover air in the compressor tank before stowing it away. According to those organizations offering treatment options for eating disorders, sleep deprivation or disorders can lead to a variety of eating disorders.

You need a few morning rituals that create a relaxed, rather than chaotic mind.

Sadhana means your daily spiritual practice: the tools and efforts you make every day to work toward your life’s purpose.

In this five-day workshop, you practice simple daily rituals that you can incorporate into your morning to cultivate a greater sense of calm and well-being throughout your day.

Each morning you begin with a gentle yoga sequence, followed by pranayama (yogic breathing), ayurvedic wellness tips, and ending with meditation.

You get a handout with recipes, tips, and advice for creating an individual, realistic morning routine. Bring a journal to take notes.

To get the most out of this mini-retreat, we encourage you to commit to the full five days, but drop-ins are welcome, too.


chloe-in-gardenAbout your teacher

Chloe is a lover of yoga, tarot, dressing natty, making food, gardening, and the entire cat population. She has been a dedicated yogi for nearly a decade and recently completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Balance. Somewhere along the way she ditched her late bird lifestyle and became one of those smug morning people who’s been up since 5:30am.

Important details

  • Course meets 6:30am-8am Monday – Friday, Jan. 30th – Feb. 3rd, 2017
  • $60 early bird registration by Jan. 23rd, full price $70; Early Bird price EXTENDED TO JANUARY 27th!
  • $30 for BYW members & teacher trainees

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