Getting Rid of Everything by Danielle Morvan

The time has come where I am ready to get rid of…everything! I am finally finished with graduate school and have gone as far as I can go at my job. New adventures await me and I refuse to be slowed down on my journey by the gifts, memorabilia, and attachments from my past.

As a serial mover, I am often purging my life of things that are no longer of use to me, and yet there have been some things that seem to follow me like a shadow. Purposeless and lifeless they drag behind me like an invisible ball and chain- overtime I just got used to its weightiness.

Maya Angelou once said, I know why the caged bird sings. And like her, i too know the feeling of liberation and release.

In the next month and a half I am confronted with the challenge of how to get rid of everything. I’ll begin with everything in my material world and see where the journey takes me from there. I cannot remember a time in my adult life where I have been so excited and afraid at the same time. I’m still trying to think this whole thing through and asking for wisdom and insight as I embark upon my new journey.

Love and light,

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