Pricing Changes

Yoga in New Orleans

The Story

Our drop in price has been $15 since the studio opened in January of 2011. We have resisted the pressures to raise prices, in an effort to make yoga accessible to a wider array of students. The past two years has challenged us in so many ways. Many of our lovely teachers have moved to other places or had to find other ways to sustain themselves. We've downsized our yoga schedule, yet retained a staff of excellent teachers. Where we've lost some, we've also gained incredible new faces. We've used zoom and we've come back to in-person. After a two year break, our 6th Teacher Training is in full swing!

Optimistically, we are nearing the end of this phase of the pandemic. The Omicron numbers are dropping and we are managing. Vaccines are available.  We've made it so far. 

The context 

We will continue to provide awesome yoga in a serene space. Our teachers are excellent and deserved to be well compensated. As a studio, we also have many expenses to cover, and all of these have crept up over the years --> software costs, internet, property taxes, insurance, etc. etc. etc. 

Pricing Changes 

Starting February 15th our pricing structure will change. We have surveyed the studios in this area and in other cities, and these price changes are coherent. You can buy class cards at the existing prices before February 15th. Purchases are made through Mindbody software.

Memberships: Existing membership prices will not change. New memberships will increase by $4/month to $99

Class Prices starting February 15th 2022

Drop in: $20

5-Class Card: $80 (16/class)

10-Class Card: $150 (15/class)

20-Class Card: $260 (13/class)

We will continue to offer a sliding scale class on Sundays at 10am 

Thank you for supporting us through these difficult times. We will continue to support you in your growth in yoga. 

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