Goal Setting and Yoga Nidra Workshop: October 6th 3-5pm with Brooke Bailey

Nidra is a Sanskrit word which means “sleep.” Yoga nidra can be described as “yogic sleep” or complete effortlessness combined with awareness. This ancient technique is designed to systematically induce deep mental, physical, and emotional relaxation.

This workshop will include a discussion on how to formulate a “sankalpa” or resolution, which you will then use during a guided yoga nidra session. You will learn how the practice of yoga nidra helps you move closer toward achieving your goals.

During the yoga nidra portion of the practice you will lie on your back and be directed to move your awareness to different parts of the body, opening you to deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. As you rest in relaxed awareness you will plant the seed of your resolution.

Please bring a notebook and pen, along with a general idea of the resolution that you are committed to achieving in the next 6 to 18 months.

Cost:  $30; minimum of 3 students required to hold workshop.

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