Guided Meditation Series: Journey Within

My Beauty is My Imperfection

About the Guided Meditation Series: Journey Within 

Through the Guided Meditation Series: Journey Within – we will come together to still, release, and reconnect with ourselves. We will use breath focused awareness, visualizations, and stillness to look inside ourselves to find what we seek. Our world often pulls our attention outside ourselves, but I believe our greatest power lies within. My hope is that as we meditate together we will all gain access to the wise one within us. 

This series is for anyone interested in meditation- whether you have been meditating for years and want to connect to community or if you are new to meditation and you want the support that comes with community. Please join us!

Starts Sunday September 15th. After six weeks the series will continue as an ongoing class. You are welcome to start anytime. 

Sundays 4:00p-5:15pm, Donation based series.You do not need to preregister for this series. 

About Our Instructor: Kristen Donat

I am an intuitive healer. A dorky nerd with an old soul and a creative spirit. I am deeply spiritual and consciously cocreate joyful abundance in my life. I am very grounded and find profound healing and insight in stillness. I am learning to be still more.  I love to dance and sing and move my body. I am inspired by nature, music, and play. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner trained in Usui and Holy Fire Reiki. I believe in our natural power to restore balance and wholeness to ourselves, and the world. I believe we all hold great wisdom and power within us. I believe we are more powerful together. 

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