Headstand Mini-Workshop with Tracey Duncan – Wednesday Sept. 30th 6pm

 75 minutes of pure inverted joy!
This mini workshop is for students who are working their way up to headstand or who are working out the details. We will work on both traditional headstand and tripod headstand. We will spend most of the class flowing and doing isolated and supported stretching and strengthening, stand on our heads, and then end with yoga nidra to calm the nervous system after our upside down adventures. *Rollerskates not included.
When: Wednesday, September 30

What time: 6-7:15pm
How much: Regular class price ($15)! Use your package!
Who: This class is open to students who have experience with yoga and feel they are ready to work towards inversions or are already doing inversions, but want to refine their skills.
Class will be limited to 19 students. Please sign up as you would for a regular class. Sign up online here.
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