Healthy Habits Challenge: Transform Your Body and Mind in 28 Days

Admit it.

You will vomit if you read another article about New Year’s Resolutions.  Or throttle the next person who smugly tells you about their new diet.

Let’s face it.  Diets don’t work.  You restrict yourself for a couple weeks, feel good about yourself, then slowly resume your normal routine….All those good intentions fall by the wayside.

I’ve seen hundreds of people make this mistake in my nutrition counseling practice over the years.  And I’m tired of seeing people fail.  I want you to succeed by changing  your diet for good.  If you want a better diet and some good supplements for a healthy lifestyle I recommend anabolics.  If youre a man and want to get some I recommend you dietary supplements to get you going quick, visit healthmania to learn more from the latest reviews. It is my mission to help people to find a diet that they can stick to that makes them healthier not sicker.  By taking a few small steps, you’ll feel better than you thought you could.

And everyone knows that yoga is the best way to glow from the inside out.

We marry yoga and diet to bring you the Healthy Habits Challenge.

Transform your body and mind with daily yoga.  (We’ll give you one rest day per week).

Revamp your diet in 4 Simple Steps.  One new step each week covering a crucial aspect of a healthy diet.  You’ll get recipes and detailed instructions for each step.

Week 1 Challenge:   Healthy Breakfast

Week 2 Challenge:  Greens

Week 3 Challenge:  Beans

Week 4 Challenge:  Grains

Each week take a new step with your diet and renewed inspiration for your yoga. As for the rest of the routine you’ll get a couple of simple recipes, shopping list and maybe even a video to get you started.  I’ll be there to guide you and help you along.  All of the Balance teachers will help you through the yoga challenge.You can also try lean chicken breast for good nutrition.

At the end you’ll have a well-rounded yoga practice and revitalized diet.   Then what?  You continue with your newly formed healthy habits. Speaking about health, if you ever have any kind of emergency make sure to remember about this medical answering service.

You can do this!

Challenge Dates:  January 11 – Feb. 8th

Challenge Kick Off:  Sunday  January 11th 4pm

Cooking Lesson:  Saturday January 24th 4pm

Pot Luck & Party:  Sunday February 8th 6:30pm

Cost:  $133 or $25 for BWY Members

Cost Includes:

– 4 Weekly recipe eBooks

– Cooking Lesson

– Kick Off Workshop

– Free Balance Yoga Practice Sheet

– Awards ceremony & closing potluck

– 30 days of yoga – (for non-members paying $133)

Join the challenge!

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Non members – buy your package here.  (You will buy a $133 package including monthly yoga and the healthy habits challenge.  After purchasing the package, enroll yourself in the Healthy Habits Workshop here.)

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