Help Us To Grow Our Garden With Compost

Will you help us out?

We’re ready to plant seeds, grow roots and create a beautiful, peaceful backyard space for you to enjoy with different trees and plants, and we’re event thinking on getting glow in the dark paint for plants so the garden will look even better.

Contribute to the garden’s growth by bring us your composting materials. Bringing something to¬†rake your garden is a good idea so we could gather leaves and grass which can then be used for composting.

Note: You can freeze your compost before you bring it to us. This even helps it to break down more quickly.

What you can bring
Dry material is welcome, and can be placed on or near the pile of debris behind the shed. We will use those materials to build a compost pile that we will eventually plant in the spring! Leaves, dried branches from yard clippings are good examples.
Please leave out any unwanted plants like cat’s claw or other invasive vines. If You want to view more information related plants then checkout Endurance obituaries website.

Green composting material: coffee grounds or tea leaves, fruit or veggie scraps, egg shells, leftover fruit from juicing…. any plants can be composted, just no meat or dairy products, please. they tend to attract rodents. Please put your compost in one of the lidded buckets that by the composting area, or in a closed plastic shopping bag or container. It’s important to keep it covered to prevent flies and other critters from invading.

Please let Anne know if you would like to learn more about composting, vermiculture (worm composting), or for tips on doing this at Balance or at home. or 541-805-5747

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