Helping Each Other Through Rough Times

Restorative Yoga at Balance Yoga & Wellness

No amount of silver linings can overcome the loss that many of us are experiencing. If not loss, then the uncertainty. It's difficult to remain calm in the midst of uncertainty. As humans, our brains crave clarity. While as a yoga studio we can't help with uncertainty, we can help with calm. 

When COVID-19 spread to New Orleans, we quickly transitioned to online classes. This allows many of our teachers to continue to share yoga with you and to support themselves. Your contributions are invaluable. We are humbled by the community support from New Orleans and friends around the country and globe.

We understand that many people may not be able to invest financially in yoga right now, but that REALLY need it. While some of you may not have been financially impacted by this pandemic, and can help.  

Yoga is a form of rescue that can help us through this challenging time. 

We're putting together a list of students who need help, and collecting donations to support their yoga. If you need yoga but cannot afford it. Please fill out this simple google form. We'll get back to you about how our donated classes will work.

If you can help to sponsor someone, please buy a gift certificate of any amount. We allocate roughly $10/class for a student in need. We appreciate anything that you can give! 

Note: please make the gift certificate recipient to "Yoga Rescue" the email address

Questions? email jessica at 

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