How To Indulge In King Cakes and Hurricanes (And Forego the Guilt)

Go on, admit it.

It’s irresistible. And you have no power to control yourself.

Because Mardi Gras Madness is real.

You try to resist scarfing down every single scrumptious king cake that wafts your way.

You want to stop after one or even two daiquiris.

But you can’t.

And each year you start the season with high intentions.

I won’t gain five pounds. I won’t wake up on Ash Wednesday feeling like crap.


I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s useless resist Mardi Gras’ magnetic pull and then feel guilty for indulging. Guilt is pointless. Unless.

Unless guilt helps you to reflect.

Introducing the law of diminishing king cake returns

Nothing tastes as delicious as sinking your teeth into that first cinnamon-kissed morsel. The second bite is almost as amazing, and the third a little bit less. You finish your piece and crave a little more. So you reach for a second piece.

Why isn’t the second piece as mouth pleasing as the first?

Because the sensory returns on your palate diminish with each bite.

Have you noticed that this happens with your wine, jambalaya, and fried chicken?

So I’m not telling you to live on kale and sprouts until February 18th. And I’m not telling you to drink kombucha instead of hurricanes.

I’m whispering that you must savor each mouthful.

Cherish as if each sip is your last.

Because you don’t need to eat the whole king cake or drink a gallon of margaritas to enjoy Fat Tuesday.

Enjoy yourself as you imbibe.

And when the parades are done?

We’ll be here waiting for you with open arms.

We are pulling out all the stops to give you just what the post-Mardi Gras doctor orders.

Starting with Ash Wednesday Rehab.

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I’m wriring to you in the hushed early morning of Mumbai, India. I had to go across the world to forego Mardi Gras temptations. But there are many lovely ones here. And right now I’m savoring a sweet cup of chai and dreaming dosas and coconut chutney for lunch

Go on, hit the crowded streets and enjoy a guilt-free Mardi Gras.

And remember, when the noise dies down and the madness passes- A houseful of skilled yoga teachers is waiting for you.
Here’s to a guilt-free Mardi Gras,

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