May 31st 1-3:30pm Mysore De-mystified: Intro to Mysore Style Ashtanga with Jessica Blanchard

Saturday May 31st 1-3:30pm; $35 booked by 5/24, $40 regular price; $30 if completing the Mysore Challenge (June 1-30th); spaces are limited, book online now!

 In this workshop you will learn the basics that you need to start coming to Mysore classes.  We will de-mystify Mysore Style Classes and give you the confidence and resolve that you need.  Mysore stye classes are for new students, advanced, those with injuries, young, old, and overweight.  We will break down Sun Salutations and the first postures of the standing sequence, giving tips for memorization.   This will give you enough to get started with Mysore style classes.
What is Mysore Style Asthanga?
Mysore classes are individualized practice sessions where the student practices the sequence from memory, while getting individual instructions and hands-on adjustments from the teacher.  The student memorizes the sequence, starting with sun salutations.  Over time poses are added according to the student’s ability, pace and body.  Each student works closely with the teacher to develop their practice.  How far or how quickly you progress is determined by your body and your frequency of practice.  How long a session lasts depends on your practice and the pace of your breath.
What are the benefits of Mysore Classes?
– you learn to practice with your own breathing pattern
– yoga becomes a moving mediation:  you develop an deep awareness by bringing the sense inward
– you develop your own practice that you can use anywhere anytime – at home, while traveling or in class
– you bring the mind and senses inward
– you develop a union between your mind and body on the vehicle of your breath
About Jessica 
Jessica first met Pattabhi Jois in 2002 on his world tour in London.  Already captivated by Ashtanga yoga, she made her first pilgrimage to India in 2004 and returned yearly to study with him until his death in 2009.   Pattabhi Jois gave Jessica his blessing or authorization to teach in 2006.  She continues to study with his grandson Sharath in India.


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