Inversions Workshop: Sat. January 14th 11-1pm

Meredith in Handstand

Inversions Workshop: Turn Your World Upside down!

Saturday January 14th 11-1pm
Taught by Meredith Murphy

Let’s turn our world upside down! Join Meredith for a 2-hour workshop focusing on inverted poses. You'll play with variations of headstand, handstand, forearm balance. Meredith will teach you the tools and mindsets necessary to to conquer them. We'll explore how getting in touch with the subtle aspects of our bodies and minds to allows us to find presence and control in inverted poses.

Throughout the workshop we will cover
- Anatomy of an inversion
- Breathwork (understanding how your breathing affects each pose)
- How to build your confidence
- The physics or “engineering” of flight.
- Warm-up sequences for inversions
- Headstand + Variations, Forearm Balance, Handstand, The Beauty of Falling & Perspective 

Meredith in Forearm balance

To get the most out of this workshop, students must have a regular yoga practice, some experience practicing arm balances and basic headstand recommended.
Investment: $40

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