June 1-30th – Our first Mysore Yoga Challenge

Get ready, get set…
It’s on!  Our first Mysore challenge.  When you practice yoga frequently for a period of time, you quickly start to notice how your body and mind change.  I’ve had students tell me when in India “Practicing each day I’ve noticed big changes that I didn’t see at home practicing once or twice a week”  Experience the spark that comes from practicing Ashtanga yoga in its traditional method 5-6 days per week.    Sign up here, select “Classes” and “Mysore Yoga Challenge.”
If you don’t feel ready for Mysore class, come to Jessicas Intro to Mysore workshop May 31 1-3:30pm, details here.
How it works:
– you come to the challenge kick off, where we will give you calendars & journal to map your progress
– you get a free “Optimal Eating for Yoga” guide developed by Jessica Blanchard, Registered Dietitian
– get a cheat sheet for practicing ashtanga
– meet others who will be practicing with you
– Jessica and the other Ashtanga teachers will send out weekly emails to the group.  You can use our blog to communicate with others about your trials & wins.
– At the end of the challenge we will have a yoga party June 29th
– You commit to practicing 5-6 days per week, taking saturdays and Moon Days off.  One home practice per week is allowed.
– RSVP for the Challenge Kick Off here (free to Challenge Participants).

Mysore Challenge $133 including kick-off meeting, handouts, end of challenge party, and unlimited yoga.  Sign up here, select “Classes” and “Mysore Yoga Challenge.”

$20 for BYW Members who already have unlimited yoga (monthly autopay).  Note – this cannot be paid online, but we will enroll you at the studio.  Please come to the challenge!

June 1-30th – Info Session May 31st 4:30pm  

– tracking calendar
– Primary Series Cheat Sheet
– Memorization tips
– weekly email
– diet and other practice tips
– Potluck & Party June 29th 5pm
Those who finish will get special prizes including a Mysore Challenge T-Shirt
Can’t make the info session?
Sign up for the challenge and we will email you all the details.  email jessica@balanceyogawellness.com with questions.
Can’t make 5 classes per week?
No worries, you can still attend the info session and sign up for the challenge.  Committing to 2-5 practices per week will bring on results.
Can’t make morning classes?
No problem, you can attend evening Ashtanga classes during the week.  In addition to our morning classes, we offer Mysore on Monday & Friday evenings.  In between, you can come to one of our Beginners Ashtanga classes.
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