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Yoga Teacher Seneca Hennrich At Balance

Are you’re looking to improve your physical, mental and emotional health? Or improve your fitness and improve your stress management skills? Go ahead and watch the best commercial treadmill reviews for you to get ready to start working on the body that you wish for.

Welcome! You’re on the right path.

We help stressed-out people feel balanced and energized with affordable classes featuring our encouraging teachers.

We believe that anyone can do yoga—no matter your background, fitness level, or age.

We offer these classes for complete beginners with NO prior yoga experience. The instructors help you with your first few classes by introducing the yoga terms, postures, and steps to getting into and out of postures. We’ll help to get you up to speed quickly, so you’ll feel confident when you come to class. We know that yoga postures can be kind of tricky, therefore we also have a Sterling Physical Therapist in our facilities, because we want to take care of the health of our clients as much as possible the therapist will be available for any emergencies.

5:45pm – 7:15pm Intro to Ashtanga L0/1 with Sean Ambrose — Appropriate for complete beginners, this class introduces the postures of sun salutations like down dog, up dog, cobra, and teaches you a bit about the history and background of yoga. You’ll also learn a few basic postures like triangle and side angle. This class builds up to a basic flow with your breath, so you’ll feel energized and balanced when you’re done!


9:30am – 11am Align & Flow L0/1 with Mikhayla Anderson— Appropriate for complete beginners, this class introduces basic yoga postures with an emphasis on aligning your body correctly, so you can breathe deeply and experience the deep sense of calm when you’re done. You’ll also learn about a heart-centered approach to yoga, and how this can improve your outlook off the mat.


6pm – 7pm Intro to Yoga with Emphasis on Stress Management and Working with Injuries— Appropriate for complete beginners and those who feel like their not fit, flexible enough to do yoga. Amy specializes in making yoga accessible to all types of bodies. If you need to use a chair instead of standing or getting down on the floor, this is the right class for you.

Some details for your first visit to the studio:

  • For you first class, wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move.
  • If you have a yoga mat, bring it. Otherwise, you can borrow one of ours.
  • We have filtered water for you to drink, but you can bring your own water bottle.
  • Park on the street around the studio. Note, that parking can be tight at noon, but you’ll find places on the neighboring streets — Canal Street, S. Cleveland, S. Telemachus. You can also park in the church parking lot on S. Telemachus and Canal St.
  • To enter the studio, walk down the bamboo path, you’ll see the signs. One of our friendly staff will greet you at the reception desk.

We’re offering a special for new students, First Steps To Balance, one month of yoga for $39. So you can try out a few classes at this very low price. 

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or Book one Drop-In Class ($15)

Your Next Steps:

Once you’ve come to a few of the above classes, we encourage to try one of these L1/L2 classes. These classes help students get back into yoga or learn a new style, like Ashtanga.


12-1:15pm – Align & Flow L1/2 with Tracey Duncan -Class starts with a short dharma talk, where you’ll learn a bit about applying yoga philosophy to your life.Class emphasizes finding optimal alignment in postures so you’ll practice injury-free.


7:30 – 8:45pm – Ashtanga Foundations L1/L2 with Michael Bick-  Curious about Ashtanga Yoga? This class introduces you to Sun Salutations, standing postures and other elements of Ashtanga like breath and bandhas.


12-1:15 – Community Align & Flow L1/L2 with AJ Durand — AJ applies his many years of working with yoga therapeutically to help you to find the best poses for your body. His classes are fun and challenging so you’ll leave feeling energized and relaxed.


10-11:15am Community Vinyasa L1/L2 with Tracey Duncan — Class starts with a short dharma talk, where you’ll learn a bit about applying yoga philosophy to your life. Then Tracey leads you through basic sun salutations, followed by a simple flow of postures. You’ll learn modifications for more challenging postures.

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