New Year’s Events – Chakra Call To Action, Guided Ashtanga, and Yoga for Addiction & Recovery

Looking for an alternative on New Year’s to drinking yourself silly?

Why not spend it doing something uplifting for your body, mind, and soul?

Chakra Call to Action with Mikhayla Anderson
Thursday, December 31st. 2-4 pm. $30

Join Mikhayla Anderson to energize and invigorate your connection to your chakras, your wisdom centers through this all level New Year’s Eve daytime workshop. Through pranayama, visualization, asana, and aromatherapy you will mine rich fields of insight to illuminate actions you most want to take in 2016. Dust off old patterns and brighten yourself and your intentions by lighting up a fresh perspective from your chakras to start your year with more clarity. Bring a journal and pen. All levels welcome.

Book online here.


Guided Ashtanga Primary Series with Meredith Murphy
Thursday, December 31st 5:30-7pm

End your New Year with a rush of joyful endorphins. Modifications will be offered.
Drop in $15 or class card.


Exploring Your Inner Cosmos with Mikhayla Anderson
A New Year’s Day Yoga Workshop for Addiction and Recovery
Friday, January 1st. 2-4 pm. $30

Addiction comes in many forms through overworking, over consumption, food, and substance abuse. Learn about the science behind addiction and how to cultivate a mindful yoga practice by examining the habitual patterns we place in our own paths. In yoga these patterns are also known as Samskaras, or ruts. Reset your path this year by examining the ruts we have embodied and relied upon for too long. Use your breath and your movements, including soothing, therapeutic backbends, to embody a new pattern of self-worth, courage, and freedom from fear. All levels welcome.

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