Why practice Ashtanga Yoga? Meredith’s Story

Why do you practice Ashtanga Yoga?

I initially started to practice yoga to stay healthy and fit when I was in my early 20s.

I had no idea what Ashtanga or Mysore was.

Frankly, I was terrified to even say the opening Sanskrit chant, because I was brought up Catholic and believed that chanting was devil worshiping.

Did you notice changes after practicing for some time?

My body grew stronger and more flexible.  I became satisfied with my outside appearance.

Once I obtained this physical acceptance for myself, my body and mind began to filter out all the unnecessary tension and stress that I had been holding onto for my whole life. Your own yoga practice begins to work internally, kind a like a free psychotherapy session. In all reality, no teacher, guru, therapist,or parent can help you deal with yourself, only you can do the dirty work.

Within my years of practice my body has opened up past thoughts and sad emotions…. my sister passing away when I was little, parents divorcing, having to go through special education classes for a learning disability, abuse, losing everything in Katrina, getting jumped on Bourbon St. on Prom night, mother having a heart transplant, body image issues and just not feeling good enough for the outside world.

You may ask, “Why would you want to open up these past events?”

The answer is it allows me to deal with it head on, and move forward to have healthy, happy relationships with myself and others.
~Meredith Murphy

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