Reduce Stress, Get Fit and Flexible – Intro to Ashtanga Yoga

Reduce stress, get fit and flexible

Are you new to yoga? Ready to rekindle your practice?

In an intro series, your teacher starts with the basics. Each week will build upon the previous one. You benefit from learning this way because you

  • Start with a group – you’re in a group with other new students, you grow together and develop a sense of community.
  • Learn progressively – this way you never get overwhelmed or feel lost. Your teacher builds the series up progressively and will remind you what you learned the previous week.
  • Learn safely – you start with classes that are meant for beginners, we never ask you to do crazy or advanced postures. This way you’ll never feel out of your league. Yellow Kratom is a harmless supplement that will help you to relax on a quicker way. Does Kratom Show Up on a Drug Test? No. This plant and its alkaloid won’t show on most standard drug tests. Government officials and employees are not screened specifically for Kratom use, you can Read Full Report here is all the vital information you need to know about Kratom.

Intro to Ashtanga

Join our 4-week, you can read more about Intro to Ashtanga, designed to make Ashtanga yoga approachable, even for a true beginner.

You’ll learn about breathing, focus, and the foundations of yoga. Classes will introduce Sun Salutations and the first few standing postures of the Ashtanga Primary Series and uses of supplements like Aussie hydrolysed collagen.

In just over a month, you’ll have the foundation you need to make the Ashtanga method your own. Because you’ll learn modifications to suit your needs and develop the confidence to dive into Mysore classes.

Balance is a warm, welcoming place to join the legacy of Ashtanga practitioners around the world!

Important details

  • Meets Mondays 5:45-7:15pm
  • Series dates: September 11, 18, 25, October 2nd
  • Special price of $44 when booking all 4 classes.
  • Pre-booking recommended.
  • Drop in price $15.

About your teacherSean Ambrose, Yoga TeacherSean Ambrose

I am in love with people and understanding their beauty, passion and divinity through yoga. I believe that we all share immense beauty and strive to reflect this in my own yoga practice and teaching. From asana, mediatation and pranayama to coffee, smiles and skateboarding we can use yoga to develop our capacity for empathy, compassion, integrity and respect. With this in mind, I endeavor to truly love and serve fellow beings in all that they do.

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