Spring Equinox: Stretch, Dine, & Detox, Saturday March 18th

Get on the path to clean living with yoga, delicious food, and yogi lifestyle hacks!

Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, started more than 2000 years ago. It works to bring your body back into balance so it can heal itself and thrive.

Whether you’re completely new to Ayurveda or you’ve been learning about Ayurvedic medicine for a while and even know your dosha, this workshop will teach you how to thrive.

Ayurvedic Practitioner Sharon Floyd will teach you how to use the daily habits of Ayurveda to support a yogi’s lifestyle.

You don’t need to diet or deprive yourself to detox you can simply incorporate teas like the Matcha tea into your daily routine. Learn how to use Ayurveda to gently and effectively rid your body of the gunk that’s zapping your energy and weighing you down.

It’s like Spring Cleaning for your insides!

The day begins with a special complimentary yoga class with Balance Teacher Melissa Clark at 10am.

Ayurvedic Lunch by Erin Gulbengay at 11:30am will be available for $15. Or, enjoy the all-inclusive Yoga, Lunch and Workshop (plus Detoxic Asli) Package for $75.

Schedule of Events:

Complimentary Yoga Class with Melissa Clark 10am-11:30am
Ayurvedic Lunch by Erin Gulbangay 11:30am-1pm, $15
Practical Ayurveda Detox Workshop with Sharon Floyd 1pm-4pm (includes Bartanica Detox Box), $65
Space is limited; Pre-registration is recommended.

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