Summer Arm Balance Workshops with Melissa Clark

Arm Balancing I: Saturday June 25th, 2016 12-2pm

We will explore the basics of arm balancing and discuss shoulder stability and core awareness to approach the arm balances found in primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga. We’ll learn Bakasana (crow pose), Tittibasana (Firefly), Pincha Mauyrasana (forearm balance) and Headstands. All students of yoga are welcome!

Arm Balancing II: Saturday July 23rd 12-2pm

We will discuss in depth the ashtanga method of posture, breath, and gazing place as we look at more challenging arm balances like galavasana, eka pada bakasana, and astavakrasana.

Building upon the foundation in Arm Balances I, students will research many of the arm balances found in the third series—vishvamistrasana, vasistasana, kukkutasana, galavasana, etc

Students who do not regularly practice Ashtanga are welcome to attend, as long as they are comfortable practicing pinchamayurasana (forearm stand) and other arm balances.

$25 for individual workshops or $40 for both. Sign up now!

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Melissa Clark

paschimottanasanaMelissa Clark has been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily since October 2006. she loves the challenging, breath-centered dynamism of the practice.

She holds her yoga studies with David Garrigues. she has taken teacher trainings with Tim Miller, Jessica Blanchard, Melanie Fawer and Michael Hamilton.

Melissa has a BA in theater from the University of Georgia. Melissa shares the practice in a compassionate way that is challenging and fun, while hoping to instill a sense of dedication to practice.

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