Why all college students should do yoga by Sydney Licht

Why all college students should do yoga…

When I first started practicing yoga, I had a teacher who would begin each class by asking us to dedicate our practice. We could dedicate it to a goal we were trying to achieve, a person we knew, or we could dedicate it to ourselves.  I always liked that idea of dedicating an hour of time to myself.  As college students we are focused on studying, preparing ourselves for life after graduation, and maintaining drama-free relationships with our friends and roommates. It can be so easy to get bogged down in the stressors, and not take that hour dedicated to ourselves. That hour to unwind, and not think about the calc exam we have in two days, or the summer internships we haven’t received yet.

Surprisingly, that hour can re-energize you and improve your focus more than any Energy Drinks or caffeinated soda could. Yoga can enhance your concentration and your all-around awareness.  This is particularly important when studying for exams when your levels of concentration need to be at their peak.  Yoga also forces you to slow down, clear your mind, and breathe. All of these tactics reduce the stress we feel in our day-to-day lives. When it comes to relieving stress, we college students are quick to resort to drinking, or engaging in other unhealthy behaviors.  Yoga offers a relaxing alternative that poses many other health benefits in addition to stress reduction.  In short, practicing yoga could really make you a better student and manager of stress.

Perhaps the most important reason why college students (and everyone) should practice yoga is that it can really improve your mood.  I notice that even after a few minutes of participation, I am generally happier and have assumed a more positive outlook on the stressors I am currently facing.  So, if you can swing it between drafting your thesis, crafting the perfect resume and cramming for your next exam, practice yoga for an hour. It can be in your dorm, or at Balance- either way, you are sure to better off as a result.

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