Yoga: The Practice of Presence with Laura Jarrait

Thursday October 16 10am-12pm
October 20th 6pm-8pm

The practices of yoga are designed to work together to help us see, soften, and release limited knowledge and conditioned patterning that keeps us living in contrived ways. As we build competency and energy in our practice through increasing appreciation for and devotion to our natural expression and application of easeful discipline, we are able to be more fully available to each moment and trust that the most appropriate response to each situation will arise naturally. Join Laura for this well-rounded philosophy, asana, pranayama, and meditative inquiry practice designed to steep you in presence which allows for a more spontaneous and effective expression of your life.
Investment: Early Bird $20 if booked by 10/9; $25 regular.  Laura’s workshops are often full, so pre-booking is recommended.
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About Laura

Laura Jarrait, E-RYT500, is dedicated to creating a safe environment in which students are challenged to explore their edges in order to increase their body and life awareness. Her classes include philosophical and physical inquiry that are rooted in her own deep yogic education and experience.  Students in Laura’s classes can expect sound alignment instruction, moments of challenge that may take a variety of forms (advanced asana, simply standing, or attending to subtle movement, to name a few), an invitation to think and feel more fully, and a bit of light-heartedness to help it all sink in more easily. Laura has been a dedicated yoga practioner for seventeen years; her main influences come from the alignment-based schools of Iyengar and Anusara yoga and Shaiva Tantra philosophy.  She was certified as an Anusara teacher in March, 2009. She also helps facilitate healing and increasing awareness using the energy system of BodyTalk and spiritual coaching through the Akashic Records.  She is thrilled to be able to use all of these to lead people into a deeper understanding of themselves and their world.


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