How do I get my partner to try yoga?

Practicing Yoga with a Loved One

I often hear the yoga students lament.  “If only I could get my husband to try yoga.”  Yoga is something you love, and has so many incredible benefits, so naturally you want to share it with your loved ones.  It may be hard for you to understand how he/she could resist something that will make them look and feel better.  You return from yoga class with a post-yoga glow, in a great mood, and have even started to develop better posture and yoga muscles.  Yet when you invite him, to come to yoga he resists and seems to always have an excuse.

Why is it so hard to get them to try yoga?

Most of you reading this are women.   On average 80% of yoga practitioners are women these days.  Why do men resist yoga?  Although now yoga has become a largely feminine pastime, it was traditionally a male pursuit, tied in to the quest for spirituality or the higher self.    The feminization of yoga may have given it a girly image, which can discourage men from trying it.  Partners may be shy about doing something new that they perceive you excel.

What can you do to encourage them?

Ask them to come with you to a beginner level class.  And don’t expect your partner to love yoga immediately.  It takes time to get used to a new pastime, especially to get past those first feelings of self-consciousness.  Try not to expect them to love it immediately, leave your own feelings aside and let them have their own experiences.  You could also encourage them to try classes on their own.

You could show them some gentle stretches at home.  This way when they come to yoga for the first time, they won’t feel like a complete newbie.  We have all been there – try to think back to your first yoga class.  Did you feel nervous or self-conscious?

Yoga would make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Spreading yoga is spreading love for yourself and your partner.  You could give them a gift certificate for yoga class.

Here is a low-risk incentive for you!

Yoga for your partnerWe are helping you to help your partner make a habit out of yoga by offering two weeks of unlimited yoga for the great price of $29.  If he comes only once per week, that is still a great deal!  If he comes to more classes, which would be the best case, it is an AMAZING deal.

Click here to buy a gift card from our online store!  Note:  you can designate the card for your partner, and the money will be put on their account.

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