What You’re Gonna Need When All The Parades Are Over

Photo Tracey Duncan Embodied Alchemy

Getting healthy can be daunting

Especially during carnival season. You wanna have washboard abs. You wanna eat good. You wanna look hot and feel like a badass. You also wanna party like there’s no tomorrow. We all wanna.

So what’s the diff between people who hit their health targets and people who just wanna?


Too easy? No.

Thinking that good habits are easy to set is part of the problem because it sets us up to fail no matter how much motivation we have to succeed.

If you're reading this, you have motivation. But do you have good habits?

Habits need to be small enough to set into motion but big enough to make a difference. They also have to be buildable, like rungs on a ladder. You can’t just have one good habit. You gotta have a whole bunch of little habits that add up to healthy.

Basically, what I'm saying is that habits are complicated. You have probably tried to set healthy habit goals in the past. We all have. We all love to plan to be a totally different person tomorrow, but the habits of today get in our way.

Perfect Tomorrow Tracey is a super hot ninja and she never eats king cake. Her self-control is impenetrable.

She’s also not real.

I’m pretty okay with Imperfect Tomorrow Tracey, though, because I trust her habits. They don’t give Today Tracey a panic attack but ensure continued health, happiness, and midriff-baring comfort way past forty.  

The difference between Perfect Tomorrow Me and Real Me isn't the body. It's the mind. It's having habit-making skills. That may not sound that sexy, but is totally 100% for sure what will take you closer to feeling happier and healthier in body and mind. It may even get you closer to having a bikini bod (whatever that means), but that’s just a side effect.

You want some of that? You want that self-trust? You want those skills?

Yeah you do.

Let’s do it. I'll help you. We’ll do it together.

Embodied Alchemy is the immersion that will help you put the healthy habits of yoga and ayurveda into place in your life. It is a structured, supportive container for creating a more easeful life and a happier and healthier you. Embodied Alchemy will make Lent into a time of true and lasting transformation.

And let’s be real, y’all. Once parade season is over, you’re gonna need a way to recover from all the glitter and king cake. It’s easier (and a lot more fun) to work towards health when you have the support of a guide and a posse of like-minded folk.

Let’s be that for each other.



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