40-Day Reboot: February 14th – March 27th

You know just how crappy your body feels after Mardi Gras.
Say goodbye to your sluggish, puffy, bloated and foggy-brained self.

But you don’t need pills, powders or fad diets.
Because let’s face it.

Diets are for amateurs.

And they don’t work.

You need a 40-day reboot.

40-Day Reboot is a fresh approach to yoga and eating.

It’s about you feeling human again rather than flattened debris left over from Mardi Gras parades.

It’s about feeling confident that each morsel of food (bite you take) supports your health.

It’s about knowing how to choose the best possible foods for you and your family.

It’s about fooling your body and feeling years younger than your chronological age.

There’s a world of healthy options that don’t involve green juice and sprouts. Or feeling hungry all the time.

You’ll prepare delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen. You’ll even have the time to chill with your hubby and energy to help the kiddos with their homework.

Once you start this way of eating you’ll feel energetic, limber and lean.

This is a lifestyle that you keep for months and years. Not another unrealistic fad diet. You can choose how far you go on the spectrum.

Reboot and re-balance your health in 40 days
– Commit to up your yoga (2-3 times per week for new students, 4-5 times per week for experienced)
– A complete guide to your meal planning
– Community support & motivation
– Goal setting
– Nutrition guidance from experts
– Four weeks of complete meal plans with recipes
– Templates for designing the final weeks of meals
– Shopping lists
– Private Facebook Group

$220 (including six weeks of unlimited yoga + all of the above) Book this option.
$88 (doesn’t include yoga, because you have a monthly yoga package— BYW Members, Teacher Trainees, Staff, etc.) Book this option.


Timeline (February 13 – March 27th)
Now: enrollment, we add you to private Facebook group, start to send you preparatory information
February 10 – 13th: Preparation & Countdown. We send you specifics about what to start adding to your diet and eliminating. You can start shopping.
February 14th: 2pm 40-Day Reboot Kickoff. Meet the team who’ll guide you and the other participants.
February 14 – March 18th: You follow meal plans with weekly Facebook check-in
Sunday February 28th 2pm: Check in and QA @Balance Yoga.
Sunday March 20th: Check in and meal planning workshop @Balance Yoga.
Saturday March 26th 4pm: Closing celebration @Balance Yoga.

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