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Feeling hot? Don’t eat these

By Jessica Blanchard Are you feeling hot? It is hard to cope with the long, hot, summers of New Orleans. If you are reading this from someplace cool like northern Europe or California….well, these tips will be useful to you when you do have the occasional hot day or when you feel your internal heat […]

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Boost your immunity without drugs or antibiotics

Nature provides us with a host of antibiotic substances and another huge army of immune system boosters.  This post is advocating careful thinking about how you can naturally boost your body’s defenses. I have three stitches on the side of my foot – for the first time in my 37 years.  I was a little […]

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Balance-loves-you fruit and nut bars

May 12-13 catch us at Veggie Fest for a taste of these bars! Eating healthy must be fun, tasty and satisfy all your senses. At Balance Yoga & Wellness, we love helping you to find a healthy lifestyle satisfies you deeply. We want you to be happy and healthy because we love you. The biggest […]

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So sweet but no sugar: peanut butter chocolate balls

May 12-13 catch us at Veggie Fest for a taste of this yumminess! We want you to be happy, healthy and balanced.  Eat your greens and save room for a little bit of sweet. In order to be healthy, why should we feel deprived of sweets?  I adapted these treats to use date paste instead of sugar […]

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Detox time! Anti-oxidant explosion Kale Salad

Has Jazzfest left you feeling sluggish?  You are not alone.  I started last week feeling tired, sluggish, and my nerves were even frayed from the copious amounts of coffee that I was ingesting to make up for my fatigue.  I decided to do something crazy – start a detox in the middle of jazzfest week […]

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Making YOU Right with Yoga by Aaron Lind

Many years ago, I came to yoga with the idea that I was going to fix myself. Somehow 90 minutes at a time, I would feel relief from a continual feeling of being stressed out. The physicality of asana practice and hearing bits of positive philosophy in class would get me out of my negative […]

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Dosha, Think It’s Time You Learned About Ayurveda? by Emily Alp

This clear, nicely written introduction to Ayurveda originally appeared here in Elephant Journal on January 27, 2012.  It is written by Emily Alp, who studied ayurveda with Balance co-owner Jessica Blanchard. When I start describing them, so many people become instantly intrigued about Doshas. Yet there is always a moment where I just trail off and can’t […]

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Vanity Fair, Ashtanga, and Corporate Yoga by Jessica Blanchard

This post is written as a response and commentary on an article that appeared here last week in Vanity Fair.  Skim the Vanity Fair article first, or this won’t make much sense.  Many of us are wondering why Vanity Fair published a long and detailed article, “Whose Yoga Is It Anyway?” about the politics and […]

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Down dog vs. Cobra by Jessica Blanchard

If a cobra and a dog got into a fight who would win?  According to Thai legend (where there are many cobras), dogs can kill snakes.  It is good to have a dog around for this reason.  Growing up in south Louisiana, I remember our dog CoCo picking up a non-poisonous garden snake and run […]

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