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Simple, no-Valium approach to anxiety by Jessica Blanchard

Today I was struck by an article in the New York Times about Valium, “”  The article details the rise of mood-altering drugs like Valium, largely fueled by aggressive marketing and  convincing doctors that people were better off taking Valium. Librium, Valium’s predecessor was originally marketed by showing an image of a stressed out college […]

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Pssst – Yoga Flash Mob This Sunday!

Have you heard about flash mobs?  You know, the scenes in movies where people start randomly dancing to a song in sync?  They all seem to happen in movies in NYC.  Well, this weekend, get ready for NOLA’s first ever flash mob courtesy of Yoga Lagniappe (if you haven’t heard of YL – now is […]

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Learn and love your work by Jessica Blanchard

  Teaching a yoga retreat is a learning experience and can be a tool for developing inner peace.  I thought you might enjoy this post exploring my teaching mindset.  I’d like to hear how you learn and benefit from your work.  Even when doing something you don’t absolutely love you can appreciate something about the […]

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We are OPEN with Power and Prana

We have weathered the storm just fine, and hopefully you did too.  Nothing like a hurricane to drive up our stress levels!  If you are ready for some yoga, we are ready to see you!  Please check the online schedule for teacher substitutions and any last minute cancellations.  We have power, so come see us […]

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Mind boggling yoga

Recently two New York Times Articles have chronicled the rise of physically demanding yoga classes in “A Yoga Mind and Boot Camp Workout” and Yoga Classes Reach for the Extremes. In one class upscale New York City class the teacher puts her “hard bodied” students through “a grinding cardio routine of lunges, push-ups, side planks and […]

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Keep cool with green! (Post & Video) by Jessica Blanchard

This time of year, it is so important that we change our diet to help us to stay cool. Our daily food intake can make us feel hot and irritable or keep us cool. Ayurveda, an ancient yet extremely relevant science from India, teaches us about the “virya” or energetics of foods. Are they heating […]

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Food, yoga and the path to “I am ness” by Jessica Blanchard

Yoga has helped me to find internal balance and unconditional self acceptance, the most important step to finding healthy weight. I took a giant leap in 2004.  I was a highly paid consulting firm executive out of Nice, France.  My heart called for fulfillment outside of the corporate realm.  I spent most week nights alone […]

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