Do Something Awesome for Someone: Strike A Pose Against Cancer

Thank you to all participants!  If you didn’t make it, you can donate at the studio this week!

Friday April 19th 6-7:30pm
Live Jazz Guitar & Healthy Anti-Cancer Snacks 

Join us for awesome yoga and anti-cancer food at our one-of-a kind fundraiser with the help of the information available for a variety of cancer such as Psoriasis Symptoms and treatment as well for all of them to provide a better lifestyle.

We all know that yoga can make you look and feel AWESOME.  Here is your chance to use yoga to do something great for someone else.  All of the funds will be used to help Jenn Riles, recently diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer (Note: this is a close high school friend of Jessica Blanchard (LSMSA Class of 1992), who is only 38!) She is now with home care assistance from

You will be rewarded with an AWESOME yoga class with live Jazz Guitar and anti-cancer foods to snack on after the class.  Snacks lovingly prepared by Tulane Dietetics Interns.

You will also get a free copy of our e-book:  Simple Steps to an Anti-Cancer Diet

Suggested Donation Range:  $10-20 (all donations are greatly appreciated!!!)

RSVP Online.

Can’t make the class?  Leave a donation by cash or check at the studio.

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