Harvest Compassion & Cultivate Happiness with Bill Savage

We are thrilled to welcome visiting teacher Bill Savage back to Balance. Bill is a Kundalini teacher who has studied yoga all over the globe, especially focusing on Vipassana Meditation during his 18 years in Thailand.

Bill SavageThis time of year compels us to pause and be aware of the bounty that graces our lives, a brief span before commencing holiday activities of family and friends, home and community. We can take a few hours for ourselves to reflect and to store up some energy and goodwill for all the sharing and fellowship that is on its way. I’m excited and grateful to be coming back to Balance Yoga again this weekend to offer two Kundalini Yoga workshops in the beautiful energy of the studio’s Mid-City oasis. It’s always a joy to be back among fellow yogis, practicing together again, learning with and from each other, and sometimes welcoming people new to the practice and to Balance Yoga & Wellness.

On Saturday, we will be celebrating the harvest of the seasons of our lives, as we call prosperity into being while recognizing ways in which we are filled with abundance. And then on Sunday, we will open our hearts through love, compassion and kindness to our potential for humility and gratitude, and we will project happiness into our auras, as we heal and bless ourselves and others.

The Kundalini Yoga practice includes chanting, music, breathing, hand gestures, body postures, relaxation and meditation, and can be done by anyone. One of the beauties of it is that while we practice together as a group, led by a teacher, each person has the experience of themselves that they need in the moment, and they always realize yet another dimension of their spiritual potential, at whatever place they are on their journey. Come and join us!

More about Bill
Bill Savage practices and teaches Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation. After living in Thailand for 18 years and Cambodia for one, in January 2008 Bill moved home to Louisiana, where he lives among his extended family in Morehouse Parish. Bill also works as an organizational and community development facilitator with non-profit organizations, United Nations and government agencies, most recently in the areas of maternal health, HIV and AIDS, and child rights.

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  • Ashish Kumar says:

    I am thrilled to know that Bill has been teaching Kundalini Yoga about which we often hear in India. If he finds happiness and extends that to others through this tough Yoga practice he is doing great service to mankind. I thank Bill for this and congratulate him for popularizing the practice of Yoga about which he had been telling during his stay in India with me and other colleagues.

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