2024 Yoga Challenge

30 Days of Yoga

Yoga Challenge 2024

Yoga Challenge 2024
January 1st - 31st 
Start Your Year With A Wellness Habit 

At Balance, we understand how challenging it can be to start yoga.

Even tougher? Sticking to it.

If it’s not the barrage of tempting social events that come your way, it’s your own waning motivation.

(It’s okay, we all lose motivation and get doubts)

We’ve created the challenge so you can jump start your yoga practice.

Reap the benefits of a consistent yoga practice in a safe environment with the support of your yoga community. The cost of joining the challenge is free, you cover the cost of your yoga classes.

Joining the challenge includes:

  • Balance Yoga Teachers to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Stickers! We set up a calendar for each participant. You put a sticker by your name each time you come to class.
  • The chance to win a surprise gift from Balance Yoga. The student who comes to the most classes gets a wellness package.
  • A clear path to start the year with a great habit. We become our habits. 

Sign up is free. You are responsible for covering your yoga classes.  We recommend a monthly pass or a membership (click here for details) so you have enough classes to cover the month. 

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