More Bhakti Less BS with Tracey Duncan

May 24th-June 28th
Sundays 3-5 pm

Cost: $150 for six sessions, $120 before May 17th, $108 for Balance Members

So, what’s up with that elephant-headed dude? And the scary chick who’s dancing on a bunch of skulls? Why is everyone blue? And why do they have so many arms?

Do you want to know what’s up with all these crazy animal-headed gods and what they’ve got to do with yoga, anyways?

This workshop will use storytelling, chanting, and asana to dive into the mythology behind the Hindu deities.

Hindu mythology is a history of revolutionary figures. Learn the stories behind the yoga practices, why they’re important, and how you can use these stories to write or rewrite your personal story.

Each class will focus on a different avatar, their history, and will include an asana class inspired by their story.

When: May 24th-June 28th
What time: Sundays 3-5 pm
Cost: $150 for six sessions, $120 before May 17th, $108 for Balance Members

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