Mysore Yoga Challenge – What are your goals? How are you feeling?

June 1 – 3oth we are challenging a group of you to practice 5-6 days per week with one home practice allowed.

One of the nicest parts of practicing yoga is connection and unity.

You will notice that as the challenge starts to progress you might be able to pay more attention to your mind and your body.

Another benefit is making connections with other yoga practitioners.    We want to encourage community and support in as many ways as possible.  We invite you to use this blog and also our studio bulletin board to post about your challenges, victories, goals, and anything else.  What are your goals for the month?  How are you feeling after practices?

What is yoga doing for you?

Connect with us
  • melissa says:

    hi everyone,
    this is melissa and i’ve been practicing ashtanga for almost 8 years. i’m excited to be a part of the challenge to inspire others to take up practice, and also because in the last few years i have had a hard time maintaining an early morning practice! i had made it a new years resolution to practice as early as i can most mornings, and while sometimes it’s impossible because of life obligations, it always feels amazing to wake up and get the practice done first thing! With the summer heat upon us, the early morning is the best time to practice.
    enjoy the challenge…hope to see you in class!

  • Allie says:

    Hi All,

    The challenge has been great for me so far. Even though I am a beginner, I was able to practice through a work trip this weekend and have really enjoyed the Ashtanga classes. This week will be my first week with the Mysore classes. I will have to challenge myself to wake up 🙂

    Everyone has been really helpful and nice.

    It has been a great start.


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