October 8-16 2022: Breath-based Asana, Alternatives to Alignment & Mysore with Dylan Bernstein

Weekend Workshops October 8-9 and October 15-16

Dylan was one of our first guest teachers in 2012. Since then he's immersed himself in philosophy, study of asana and more. We are delighted to welcome him back to Balance. 

Saturday October 7th  

Mysore-Style Asthanga (8:30 - 10am)

Mysore, named after the city where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois lived, this is is the classic way Ashtanga Yoga is taught. A melting pot of yoga practitioners of all levels from beginner to advanced, this class sets out to offer personalized guidance to every practitioner at exactly where you need it most. Build relationship with yourself, your practice and your teacher in this inspiring energy. Honor the Ashtanga Yoga's living lineage that dates back nearly five thousand years in a unbroken line of teachers, sages and gurus that culminates in the life of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, his son R. Sharath Jois and every Ashtanga practitioner today.

The Philosophy of Breath-based Asana (11 - 1pm) 

It's easy to get lost in today's glossy yoga world. Let's take a moment to discover a transformative technique - for practice and for living. Primarily, Dylan's practice is breath. All the asana that occur simply ripple out from dedication to internal awareness. Using a very specific breathing and bandha technique, Dylan hopes that everyone can discover genuine yoga -- in this very moment! Everyone is welcome. This yoga is for all! Specifically, practitioners of Vinyasa-based yoga (like Ashtanga) might find a huge shift in their everyday practice and awareness. Expect light asana, comfortable breath work, a touch upon Indian philosophies and plenty of room for your questions.

Sunday October 8th

Mysore Style Asthanga (8:30 - 10am)

Enjoy the personalized guidance from Dylan in Mysore Style Asthanga (see description above). All levels are welcome!

Saturday October 15th  

Mysore-Style Asthanga (8:30 - 10am)

Enjoy the personalized guidance from Dylan in Mysore Style Asthanga (see description above). All levels are welcome!

Alternatives to Alignment (11 - 1pm) 

The A-word has become something of a gospel. Many orthodox practitioners of all styles look for lines visible from the outside. Dylan is most concerned with internal practice. Shouldn't we be asking ourselves how does that feel as opposed to how does that look? Let's check out the most effective ways to set up postures. But let's also look at plenty of alternative approaches! We'll consider body type, injury, preference and anything else that might serve to build a more beneficial practice. Certainly some fundamental standing asana will be explored as well as backbends. Participants are highly encouraged to ask about any asana that is interesting, troublesome or elusive for them. Teachers are always welcome and this workshop is absolutely open to all. Various styles, different lineages and orthodoxies will all have something to share. If there is interest, we may even explore some assists and adjustments. Expect detailed revision of postures, experimentation and discussion.

Sunday October 16th

Mysore Style Asthanga (8:30 - 10am)

Enjoy the personalized guidance from Dylan in Mysore Style Asthanga (see description above). All levels are welcome!

Schedule for Saturdays: October 8th & 15

8:30 - 10am Mysore Style Ashtanga
Hour Break - bring snacks or have a coffee
11 - 1pm - The philosophy of Breath-based Asana (10/7) or Alternatives to Alignment (10/15) 

- Mysore & Workshop $50
- Mysore only $25
- Workshop only $35

About Dylan Bernstein

Dylan had the good fortune to be introduced to yoga and zazen meditation in 1988, at the ripe age of 14 and a half. Since then, he has called upon the practices to engage the body, still the mind and seek more subtle expressions of self. Though the soil and conditions around him are often shifting, the practices keep him grounded internally, allowing for stability even when in the midst of change. Dylan's curiosity has always been sparked by both ancient philosophy and living civilizations. He continues to study movements in Eastern philosophical thought and current events. 

In 2001, he moved to Asia and has resided there ever since, dabbling in languages and learning from various cultures. During one of the years in India, Dylan was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa and trained to teach. He has taught Mysore-style, led classes, workshops, retreats and trained teachers worldwide. For the last few years, he has kept a base in Hong Kong where he leads a bustling Mysore Program. Additionally, each year finds Dylan offering teachings throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. Dylan continues to study yoga and related subjects as well as practicing under the eyes of Ashtanga's more venerable teachers, including Shri K. Pattabhi, Saraswati and Sharath Jois. Many other teachers and other traditions have also influenced him, as have his dynamic and inquisitive students. He is forever indebted to all the teachers, students and fellow practitioners who have helped him along the way. Ashtanga Vinyasa coupled with pranayama and other sitting practices continue to be the foundations of his understanding and teachings.

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