Our Membership

We have created this membership to encourage your commitment to yoga and to grow our budding community. Even if you plan to come to yoga two times a week, this is a great deal for you.  The cost of our membership is just $88 per month via credit card autopay, and comes with a ton of great benefits besides the yoga!  If you have questions you can email Jessica or call 504.234.9165.


BYW Membership Special

– Daily practice at any of our classes
– 10% off retail items
– 10% off services – Nutrition Consultations, Ayurvedic Consultations, Private Lessons & Massage
– 10% off workshops
– FREE special workshops on Yoga, Nutrition and Health – First workshop will be “Simple Steps to Healthier Eating” January 25th
– Two guest passes each quarter, so you can bring a friend to yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to sign up for BYW Membership?
We require a 4 month commitment, but we hope our relationship will continue for the long term.

I don’t know if I come often enough
Even if you only come two times a week with a 10-Class Card, this is a great deal for you.  This gives you the chance to attend both vigorous physical classes and relaxation-focused classes.

I’m going away for a period of time, what do I do?
We allow one pause in membership each year, so if you are going away over the summer let us know and we’ll pause the membership.

You can also sign up in the studio or over the phone by contacting Jessica 504.234.9165.

The Fine Print

There is a 4-month minimum commitment. Thereafter, your credit card will be charged $88 each month until you terminate. There is a limit of one visit per day. Second visits cost $8. To terminate your Membership, please give 30 days written notice by emailing info@balanceyogawellnes.com . For example, if your next charge is scheduled for February 1st, you must give cancellation notice by January 1st. For assistance with your membership, please call 504.234.9165.

This is a practice and a studio for all, from rank beginners without a developed muscle in their bodies to advanced yogis seeking to deepen their practice. I was well past 50 and not terribly fit when I began practicing at this studio about two years ago: this is not just yoga for the young and athletic.  It is a process, a journey, one that can ground you and take you beyond yourself at the same time, if you let it do its work.”   – E.C.

Sign up Online Here.

Are you interested in joining us but don’t know where to begin? Submit your question below and our Yoga Advisor will be in touch to help you begin your yoga practice!

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