Saturdays April 18 – May 30 Meditation Series

Meditation Series: Developing Compassion, Discernment, and Resiliency
April 18 - May 30th
Sundays 4pm with Anna Pardenik

Classes will explore a different meditation technique each week. Each class will present some
information and discussion about the theme being explored that week. Afterwards, Anna will
guide students in 30 minutes of meditation (All of the meditations are guided except week 7, which will
involve basic instruction followed by a silent sit). Following meditation, you will be encouraged to
move silently into journaling about your experience. After journaling for a set amount of time, you
have the choice to either silently take leave of class or remain for questions/ discussion with the Anna
and other students).

You're encouraged to practice the techniques you learn each week on your own to cultivate a
personal relationship with meditation as a habit. The
meditations in this course each have their own unique potential gifts to offer the practitioner, whether it
is a one-time occurrence or an ongoing practice.

Details and Curriculum
April 18 Week 1- Developing Compassion  This class will explore 2 techniques for developing
compassion with and through our meditation practice.

April 25 Week 2 - Befriending Our Bodies This class will explore befriending our bodies and our
relationship with bodily sensations in our meditation practice.

May 2 Week 3 – Cultivating Viveka  This class will explore a commonly practiced seated meditation
from the yogic perspective of cultivating viveka (discernment between Purusa and Prakriti.

May 9 Week 4 – Turning Towards Difficulty This class will explore techniques for compassionately
turning towards our difficulties such as depression, anxiety, physical ailments, physical pain, and difficult
May 16 Week 5 The Unchanging Self  As in week 3, this class will approach meditation from the yogic
perspective of cultivating Viveka. This week employs a new meditation technique that utilizes mind’s
ability for form and concept to assist the practitoner in distinguishing themselves from mind.

May 23 Week 6 – Glimpse meditations This class will introduce contemporary forms of brief meditations meant to reveal novel perspectives of consciousness.

May 30 Week 7 – Formal Zen Our 7 week series culminates by introducing the powerful and simple
formal practice of Zen Bhuddism.

All classes meet online. To register for the series use your class card or membership to sign into Mindbody through our schedule page. We'll send you a zoom link before the class starts. Classes start Saturday April 18th at 4pm. 

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